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Data driven platform that brings gamers to the next level in their journey

Whether it be FPS or MOBA, you can grow your gamer profile in Statrics.

Keep track of your improvements.

Know what content is good for your fans.

Create campaigns & reports on the fly

Strenghten your profile towards potential sponsors by providing them the right data.

Work hard on improving your content & favorite game!

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Statrics free of charge?

Statrics's base version is entirely free of charge! However, future addons and AI features might be kept behind a premium subscription feature.

Does Statrics exclusivly work with esport?

Our tools are mainly esport focussed. However, creators, other creative minds, event or content managers can still put Statrics to good use!

What addons are available as of now?

Our current array of addons include but are not limited to social media valuation, campaign tracking and team overview. More to come soon!

Cool and all, but I want to get in touch, how can I do that?

If you have any questions whatsoever, you can always send us an email at Or join our Discord community here!